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Welcome to the "most complete" place for Spelling bee Championship
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Phonics eStore is glad to present study books and practice tests
to help you prepare your child for Sakshi India Spell Bee championship
- across categories / levels.

If a child practices the concerned study material including practice test questions then his / her "spelling improvement" will surely happen. Our focus is only for the initial categories / rounds. Note these are only practice books and tests - accessible 24x7 to ALL in ALL countries.

All study resources available can be reached from this page - practice books at amazon and practice tests at slideshare. Updates are regularly shared at our facebook group and pages.

You may scroll down and click on the resource/topic(s) of interest.

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These preparatory study material are made available through Spell India, an initiative of Phonics eStore.

sakshi india spell bee

Real life video of a Spelling Bee competition in India... Just feel it ... and Start preparing your child ... Now!

Categorywise Tests ... more soon ... keep visiting and stay updated

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Categorywise : Books at amazon

Sakshi India Spell Bee has 4 categories as under.
Category 1 : Class 1 & Class 2
Category 2 : Class 3 & Class 4
Category 3 : Class 5, Class 6 and Class 7
Category 4 : Class 8, Class 9 and Class 10
Books are avaialable for each category for immediate purchase at amazon.

Click on the inage of the book of interest, to reach amazon immediately ... and understand contents, then see and buy it in no time. Each book is specially priced now, and includes shipping fee.

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CONTACT : Organiser of the Competition

For any suggestion / query about these resources for Sakshi India Spelling Bee or other spelling bee competitions do feel free to write to us now.

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marrs spelling bee study material questions

MARRS SPELLING BEE competition has five stages - School Competition, Inter School Championship, State Championship, National Championship and International Championship. The competition begins at the School. Only those who qualify in the School Competition would be eligible to participate in the Inter School Championship. The State and the National Championship would comprise of participants, who qualify from the Inter School and State Championships, respectively. All those who qualify from the National Championship are eligible process the MaRRS International Spelling Bee. The whole process is lengthy - may take over a year. It is also costly - cost of particiaption in each round goes up, books to be bought and also orientation course. Travel cost for outstation exam locations mainly in the last rounds has its own mega cost. If one goes through teh topcis of test then a logical person may ask why is it called Spelling Bee. Non spelling topics are also there. As per wikipedia : "MaRRS International Spelling Bee is the largest Spelling Bee held in Asia for school children. It is conducted by MaRRS Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. The assessment and learning materials for the M.I.S.B is created in association with expert faculty from the English and Foreign Language University (E.F.L.U),Hyderabad. The objective of the competition is to enhance the spelling and literary skills of children by encouraging them to explore the English language, expand their vocabulary and improve their communication and comprehension skills." Now there is scholarship for rank holders at teh last two levels. There are many rank holders who never got the money even after 5 years and MaRRS took no steps to do needful. But anyway overall the process of preparation adds value to the child, as per Phonics eStore.