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Welcome to 'Spelling' learning for Nepal Spell Bee competition.

This support comes as part of the worldwide "Mother-my-Teacher : Learn - Teach" program, for one and all !

Spelling : Word List Book

Here is a Word List book to prepare for Nepal Spell Bee competition.

It's the 1st book of its kind.
This is a MUST BUY to prepare for Nepal Spell Bee competition. You may buy it at amazon.in now. You may also buy it directly from Phonics eStore - send email or just whatsapp 919820354672 ... mention your city name, followed by country name.
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It is authored by an individual who has written :
# the maximum number of Spelling books in India, as well as
# books for maximum number of Spelling Bee competitions in India.
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SELECT FEW PARTICIPANTS by INVITATION will be provided access to online MOCK TESTS before the competition schedule. All paticipating students (who have bought this book at amazon or from Phoncis eStore directly, in the last six months) may write in, and "REQUEST for an INVITATION".

You are located in Nepal - so, how to get the book, etc ?

whatsapp +91 9820345672 or email at phonicsindia@gmail.com

We will respond to you with speed.

After we arrange to reach you the book you need to do the following apart from learning the spelling of the words.

# understand the meaning of the word

# understand the pronunciation of the word

# understand the part of speech of the word

For your convenience, here is your 24x7 aid for meaning and pronunciation of a word in our book. Just type the word in the box below and click 'enter' button. You will in no time get to read the meaning, and also you can click and hear the pronunciation as many times you wish to.

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Calssamte Spellbee is a tough spelling competition. Knowing which words will be asked is a very difficult attempt. So, one needs to keep on learning new wrods each day and also revise words each day.

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