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We are glad to present to you "Word Origin" study material for MaRRS Spelling Bee championship exam - book, workbooks, practice tests and 'Say-It' tests. These will help your child prepare for Marrs Spelling Bee competition - Word Origin topic.

Our focus is for the initial categories only.

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Practice Tests : Word Origin

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Here are two sets of Practice Tests. Answers are provided for each test.

word origin marrs spelling bee sample test paper
word origin marrs spelling bee sample test paper

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Book : Word Origin

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marrs word origin spelling bee book

Key Workbooks : Word Origin

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word origin marrs spelling bee book
word origin marrs spelling bee book

 Learn It

Here is an exercise for a child to practice word origin for 1500+ words. This resource is free for all, now!

It is advised to first identify the slides with smaller words and practice those. And thereafter proceed to bigger words.

"Say-It" Tests : Word Origin

Here are few "Say-It" tests. On seeing each word that appears the child has to say the 'language of origin' and then the 'origin word'. After each word-question, appears the answer.

For any query or suggestion to improve feel free to write to us.

marrs spellbee study material

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marrs spelling bee word origin

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marrs spell bee word origin

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