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Welcome !

We are glad to present practice books for Reading Comprehension. This will help your child prepare for Marrs Spelling Bee competition.

Our focus is only for the initial level(s).

You may scroll to see the available Practice Books. You can buy these books at amazon.

These books are being made available by Spell India, a special initiative of Phonics eStore.

Reading Comprehension : Workbooks

Here are a series of workbooks - for Category(s) 1 & 2, Category(s) 3 & 4, and Category(s) 5 & 6.

These can be purchased at amazon.

Category(s) 1 & 2 : BUY @ amazon

Category(s) 3 & 4 : BUY @ amazon

Category(s) 5 & 6 : BUY @ amazon

For any suggestion / query feel free to write to us.

How to Prepare for MARRS Spelling Bee Reading Comprehension

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MARRS Spelling Bee Reading Comprehension


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