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We are glad to present practice book for "Complete the Idiom". This will help your child prepare for Marrs Spelling Bee competition.

Our focus is only for the initial level(s).

You may scroll to see the available Practice Books. Click on image to see sample pages. You can immediately buy the books at amazon.

Idioms : Book

Here are categoy specific workbooks - one each for Category 3, Category 4, Category 5, and Category 6.

Each of these workbooks has 200+ "list of idioms with meaning" for learning. These can be purchased at amazon, subject to availability of stocks.

Indicative page is shown first.

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Idioms Dictionary: Free Download ... Now

Click to download an Idioms Dictionary, immediately free. Post clicking a new page will appear. On that page Click on the BLUE BUTTON with DOWNLOAD mentioned on it. Download will start immediately after you click on this button.
Decide to buy any other dictionary only after you have gone through the downloaded dictionary.

Read the sentence examples given for the idioms.

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For any suggestion / query feel free to write to us.

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