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We are glad to present study material for "Synonyms & Antonyms". These will help your child prepare for MARRS Spelling Bee championship.

Resources include workbooks.

You may scroll to see the available Practice Books. Click on image to see sample pages. You can immediately buy the book at amazon.

You may also download the free Practice Tests with just a click.

Also available are 'Learn-It' aids and 'Say-It' tests on youtube.

Practice Tests : Synonyms & Antonyms

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Here are two sets of Practice Tests. Answers are provided for each test.

marrs synonyms antonyms test questions
marrs synonym antonym test questions

You can immediately download the tests.

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Key Workbooks : Synonyms & Antonyms

These workbooks are available at amazon now.

Click on each image to see sample pages. You may then consider to purchase the workbook(s). Note shipping charges for both the workbooks is nil at amazon, now!

synonyms antonyms marrs spell bee book
synonyms antonyms marrs spellbee book
synonyms antonyms marrs spelling bee book

"Learn-It" : Synonyms & Antonyms

Here are few "Learn-It" aids.

More 'Learn-It' aids are available on "to pay" basis. If interested, write to us at

"Say-It" Tests : Synonyms & Antonyms

Here are few "Say-It" tests. As each word appears, the child has to say the synonym for it. The synonym 'must start' with the letter in brackets. After saying the synonym, the child has to say an antonym for it. After each question slide the answer slide appears.


More "Say-It" tests are available on "to pay" basis. If interested, write to us at

For any suggestion / query feel free to write to us.

MARRS Spell Bee Synonyms & Antonyms

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Marrs Spelling Bee : Synonyms & Antonyms

Greetings to all spelling bee children and their parents !

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