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Phonics eStore welcomes you to its initiative of Phonics Academy. Phonics Academy is No 1 in providing "pan India" Phonics teacher training certificate courses, using 24x7 resources. It supports anyone in any location, to start a course within 24 hours. Special program for schools is also available. B. Ed. students can boost their B.Ed., with a Phonics certificate. Phonics Academy offers a special B.Ed. student fee.

A host of teacher training courses are made available by Phonics Academy. One such course is Handwriting for Beginners. It can be done by anyone worldwide. It focuses on skill development leading to immediate commencement of own after school classes for children. Anyone who is doing / has done graduation with understanding of English is eligible for these courses. Individual guidance will be provided during the training.

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All the courses have a fixed fee. The fee has to be paid online. It is one time, and non-refundable.

Note, those who become a "Phonics eStore Associate" do not have to pay for these courses.

This course involves 1-to-1 guidance using workbooks. There are three workbooks - Motor Skill Development, Regular style writing and Cursive writing.

Write India : Handwriting for Beginners Teacher Training

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Proceed to pay for the course

Course fee is one time payment of Rs 2,500 or USD 99.

If you are unable to pay online do let us know. We will guide you appropriately.

PROCEED to pay Rs 2500

PROCEED to pay USD 99


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Handwriting Teacher Training Courses

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