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About the Competition

WIZ Spell Bee  is a competition for students of Class 1 to 12.
It covers various topics, including spelling topics such as Dictation, Correct the Spelling and Spell It Right.

The competition has various categories.
Category 1 : Class 1
Category 2 : Class 2
Category 3 : Class(s) 3 and 4
Category 4 : Class(s) 5 and 6
Category 5 : Class(s) 7 and 8
Category 6 : Class(s) 9, 10, 11 and 12

Each category of WIZ Spell Bee competition has four levels - School level, Inter School level, State level and National Mega Final. There are writtien and oral rounds, but not at all levels. After each level students get selected for the following level.

Each level has a set of topics. Some topics are common across levels. Note topics vary across categories and levels within a category.
The topics include:
# Dictation
# Correct the Spelling
# Label the Picture
# Rhyming Words
# Sentence Formation
# Word Application
# Spell It Right
# Pronunciation Key
# Apt Word
# Prepositions
# Phrasal Verbs
# Idioms

WIZ Spell Bee : Study Material at amazon

Here are "Practice Test Questions" Workbooks for certain categories ... for the STATE Level competition. Each has 21 tests. These workbooks are available at amazon only. You may click on the below images to reach amazon immediately.

category 1 wiz spell bee state level

category 2 wiz spell bee state level

category 3 wiz spell bee state level

Workbooks : Buy at amazon NOW

Here is a learning / preparatory workbook for the topic - Pronunciation Key - available for immediate purchase at amazon. This topic being made available is in line with the resources on Phonics, already available at Phonics eStore. Workbooks on other topics will not be published. However, you may request for worksheets on each of the other topics.

This preparatory workbook is available at amazon, separately for each category.
Further, all parents who e-mail us proof of their child's selection to the forthcoming State Grand Finale or National Mega Final of WIZ National Spell Bee competition will be provided free tele-guidance (for 10 minutes) on how to go about using the workbook to prepare their child for "Pronunciation Key".
This will be followed by Phonics eStore providing access to 12 Practice Tests ... access will be available to select parents only. Selected parents will not have to pay any money / fee for these tests, as on date.
All this are just a "whatsapp" away from you ... make every moment count for your child's preparation for WIZ National Spell Bee final rounds.

Please note this is an independent initiative of Phonics eStore, and is fully supported by the author of the workbook. The author will provide the refered 'tele-guidance' to parents on 1-to-1 basis.

WIZ Spell Bee : Pronunciation Key - Learn it with books, videos and Tests

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WIZ Spell Bee : Study Material - Worksheets

Here is a special support program for mothers whose child is appearing in this competition - across clubs / levels.

Get your set of worksheets (with sample test questions) on one or more topics free ... and help your child prepare well for the competition.
You need to do the following.
Send an email to phonicsindia@gmail.com with a request for worksheets. Worksheets will be sent for topics, for which you send image of WIZ Spell Bee questions as attachment. Topics have to be of the level for which your child is participating. Also attach proof of your child attending the concerned level of WIZ Spell Bee competition. Do share your contact details as well. Should we have any queries on the attachments / e mail content, we will contact you.

These worksheets will be authored by an individual who has written :
# the maximum number of Spelling books in India, as well as
# books for maximum number of Spelling Bee competitions in India.
To know more search the author's name at amazon and Google.

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SELECT FEW PARTICIPANTS by INVITATION will be provided access to online MOCK TEST before the competition schedule. Only parents of the participating students (who have sent request for worksheets of all topics of the concerned level in the last three months) may send email to phonicsindia@gmail.com, and "REQUEST for an INVITATION". Selection of one or more for the invitation, across levels, will be at the sole discretion of Phonics eStore.

CONTACT : Organiser of the Competition

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WIZ Spell Bee is a competition which has spelling as one of the topics.

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