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Welcome ... here is a support from Phonics eStore to prepare your child for SpellQuest competition - any category ... any level ... any topic.

This support comes as part of the worldwide
"Mother-my-Teacher : Learn - Teach" program, for one and all !

We are glad to provide guidance as well as resources / support for ALL mothers, in ALL countries.

Note this guidance is currently free for ALL mothers of ALL countries.

Please send request for guidance now. Do share your name and contact details.

You may whatsapp +91 9820354672 or email phonicsindia@gmail.com.

About the Competition

SpellQuest  is a competition for students from Class 1 to 6.
It covers various topics, including spelling topics such as Find the Correct Spellings and Words likely to be Misspelt

SpellQuest competition has two groups - Club 1 to 2 and Club 3 to 6. Do update on this each year, as there may be changes through the years.

Further there are three levels : Inter School level, State level and National level.
Each level has a set of topics. Some topics are common across levels.
The topics include:
# Vocabulary Knowledge
# Grammatical Round
# Find the Correct Spellings
# Jumble Tumble
# Words likely to be Misspelt
# Match the Following
# Antonyms & Synonyms
# Complete the Sentence with suitable Words
# Common and easy Words for difficult Words
# Words and Meanings
# Picture Crosswords
# Word Build
# Compound Words
# Form the correct Sentences
# Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs
# Word Build
# Phonetics

Clearly this is not a Spelling Bee Competition, but more of a Vocabulary related competition.

SpellQuest : Study Material

Here are "Practice Test Questions" Workbooks for certain categories ... for the NATIONAL Level competition. Each has 6 tests. These workbooks are available at amazon only. You may click on the below images to reach amazon immediately.

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SpellQuest : On Request 4 You worksheets

Here is a special support program for mothers whose child is appearing in this competition - across categories / levels.

This is applicable only for topics / categories for which no study material is available for purchase at amazon.

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You need to do the following.
Send an email to phonicsindia@gmail.com with a request for worksheets. Worksheets will be sent for topics after you let us know about the concerned questions. Topics have to be of the club / category / level for which your child is participating. Also attach proof of your child attending the concerned level of SpellQuest competition. Do share your contact details as well. Should we have any queries we will contact you.

These worksheets will be authored by an individual who has written :
# the maximum number of Spelling books in India, as well as
# written maximum number of books for various Spelling Bee competitions in India.

SELECT FEW PARTICIPANTS by INVITATION will be provided access to online MOCK TEST before the competition schedule. Only parents of the participating students who have purchased our book or sent request for worksheets in the last three months are eligible to send "REQUEST for an INVITATION" by email to phonicsindia@gmail.com. Selection of one or more for the invitation, across levels, will be at the sole discretion of Phonics eStore. Only those who are selected will be informed.

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For any clarification / query feel free to write to us.


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SpellQuest is a competition which has spelling as one of the topics.

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