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Are you looking for Spelling classes for your child!

SPELL BEE ACADEMY brings to you online spelling classes for children. Young students can also do online Phonics classes.

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is in the forefront of spelling education.

It :
# has the maximum number of spelling bee books for "multiple"
spell bee competition exams - all at amazon, and all authored
by Debashis Pati. The author is a Spelling Habit Creator and
a Phonics Teacher Trainer. Spell Bee Academy is his vision for
for worldwide spelling learning among children.

# conducts its own Spell Bee exams - paid and free exams.

# conducts weekly Spelling Tests across most Continents,
every SUNDAY at a total fee of Rs 100 only for a year.
Same for each child across continents.

# provides free access to Word Lists gradewise.

# provides Guidance to Parents (grade-wise).

The online spelling classes have been designed by Debashis Pati. All study material used are from him.

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spelling online classes

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How to Register Your Child for Spelling Classes

You may send the following details to start the registration process for your child.

Please send us the following details at phonicsindia@gmail.com


Please do not whatsapp these details requested.

1. Name of Child :

2. Grade/Class of Child in current academic year :

3. School of child :

4. Correspondence address of student (with PIN/ZIP code) :

5. email ID of parent :

6. Mobile number of parent :

7. Attach student's school ID card image (of current / previous year)

All above details are a must to get a response.

For more details whatsapp +91 9820354672.

Best wishes for the success of your child.



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