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1-to-1 Classroom PLUS Program

Welcome !

Phonics 1-to-1 Classroom PLUS Teacher Training is designed to make you a teacher for Phonics for young children.

This is an individual (and not training in a Group) course. It is not a workshop.

Any one from Any country is eligible to do this course. Training location is currently in Mumbai only. We do travel to other cities to provide this training. Cost for same is additional.
Note this program is not a workshop but a structured learning course, assessment and certiciation program. Certificate given is not a certificate of participation / attendance. Detaisl follow. You may whatsapp 9820354672 for a brief talk, and decide on next steps.

This course involves 1-to-1 individual training of a teacher, and not training in a group. The course has five parts.

Part 1 : Classroom training (for around 6 hours)
Part 2 : Learning using books, flash cards and online resources (self-paced to be completed within four weeks time)
Part 3 : Classroom training, only if we consider it deemed fit, else not - it is not a must
Part 4 : Assignement submission
Part 5 : Assessement (two opportunities are provided to clear the assessement)

This Phonics course will mainly cover Phonics sounds, Phonics Blending, Phonics Segmenting, Phonics Blends & Digraphs, Rhyming Words and Sight words.

The program content will be presented in person by a guide using videos, audio podcasts, flash cards, put-it-up cards, books, workbooks, Click-to-Listen tool and Say-It tests on youtube.

Sound lessons in audio format will be made available as downloads.

You will get 6 books / workbooks and 4 sets of flash cards / put it up cards.

Certificate will be given only after successful completion of the course. As already stated, assessment is part of the course.

After successful completion of this course, you can list yourself as a Phonics teacher, free for 2 years, at our website.

So, go ahead and do this 1-to-1 Phonics Classroom Plus teacher training course, and become a Phonics teacher for kids.

You are advised to follow the following steps to do the course.

Step 1 : Send us your details

Details to be sent are : Name, complete postal address with PIN / ZIP,

telephone number, email ID and scanned copy of graduation certificate

Click & Send your details

Step 2 : Proceed to pay

Course fee is one time payment of Rs 10,000 or USD 249

If you are unable to pay online do let us know we will guide you appropriately.

PROCEED to pay Rs 10000

PROCEED to pay USD 249


Step 3 : Make appointment for '1-to-1' Individual Classroom session(s)

Click & Send request for appointment for the 1-to-1 session

Step 4 : Receive your workbooks and flash cards

9 books / workbooks and 4 sets of flash cards / put it up cards will be given to you.

Step 5 : Undergo assessment

Clear the assessment.

Step 6 : Receive your Phonics Certificate

"Phonics for Kids Teacher" Certificate will be mailed to your postal address.

A soft copy can be sent on request.

Step 7 : List yourself as a Phonics Teacher at our website

We will assist you do that. This listing will be free in the first one year only.

Best wishes to you as a Phonics teacher !

Best wishes to you as a Phonics teacher and your future students, the Phonics kids.

For any queries feel free to write to us or whatsapp at 9820354672.

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Note : Phonics eStore, at its sole discretion, may not accept request for this course from an individual.




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