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Welcome to the world's only place, where you can find so many teacher training courses for Phonics.

'Phonics Academy' aims to support you as a Teacher, to do a specific teacher training course and teach Phonics to children.

Welcome to the world's only place, where you can find so many teacher training courses for Phonics.

You may choose from a basket of courses :

# free or to pay courses

# UK or India courses

# distance or online or classroom courses

# group or 1-to-1 courses

# pre school or regular or advanced courses

These courses are brought to you as part of the skill development initiative of Phonics eStore - "Phonics Academy". Phonics Academy is No 1 in providing "pan India" phonics teacher training certificate courses, using 24x7 resources. It supports anyone in any location, to start a course within 24 hours. Special program for schools is also available. B. Ed. students can boost their B.Ed., with a Phonics certificate. Phonics Academy offers a a special B.Ed. student fee.

You are free to decide the course you wish to do. You are most welcome to write / talk to us for guidance. You may whatsapp at 9820354672 or write to us at, now.
You may place your cursor over the name of each course to know the summary points about it.
Please click on each course (in red boxes below) to know more.

Phonics International Course, UK

Phonics 'Pre School Teacher' Course

Phonics 'Knowledge' Course

Phonics Swar Gyan REGULAR '1-to-1 Classroom' Group Course (In a Group not Individual)

Phonics Swar Gyan REGULAR '1-to-1 Classroom' Individual Course (Individual not in a Group)

Phonics Swar Gyan ADVANCED Course

Jolly Phonics Orientation course

Jolly Phonics Online Course, UK

Audio Phonics course

Choose a course, successfully complete the course and get a certificate.

After completing the course you may become :

# a Phonics teacher at a school, or

# start "your" classes for children - independently or as our Phonics associate or Phonics franchisee

Our Phonics Teacher training program intends to be a 'skill development - resource provision - job creation' initiative.

This "Learn-Teach" drive is a worldwide initiative ... for ALL teachers in ALL countries.

We will list :
# your Phonics classes at This will help parents who search for Phonics classes for their child, in your city, get to know about your classes.

# you as a Phonics teacher at This will help schools looking for Phonics teacher can get to know about you.

Should you have any query / need clarification please feel free to write to us or seek an appointment for a teletalk.

You are welcome for a 1-to-1 counselling on which course to take and what is the most appropriate thing to do after the course. This counselling is available at a fee. Do write to us, if interested.

Contact Us

Note that we consciously "do not" conduct and give a certificate through :

# Group teacher training of a day or two

# Teacher training for a total duration of around 7 hours only

We understand that these options might be highly convenient for individuals to pay less than Rs 9,000 (indicative), and get within 24 hours a 'Certificate of Participation / Attendance' and some workbooks / worksheets. We regret inconvenience caused to all concerned, for not endorsing / providing such 'quick' teacher training programs and providing a certificate for participating / attending same.

First LEARN and then TEACH kids.

Your students will be confident kids of happy parents, and you a proud teacher.

Make kids ... confident kids. So, do a course and start your classes.

Best wishes to you as a teacher.

Skill India ... Teachers India.

We appreciate and salute individuals in the forefront of Phonics skill development, worldwide, for decades. To this end, "Phonics Hall of Fame", was created in 2016. It is a first of its kind initiative, worldwide. Please note that none of the distinguished individuals in the Phonics Hall of Fame are part of / or associated with Phonics eStore, in whatsoever manner.

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Phonics Teacher Training Courses

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