Phonics International, UK : Teacher Training course

Phonics Teacher Training Online now in India through an "exclusive affiliation" between Phonics eStore and Phonics International, UK

Salient aspects of this course are :
  • International course of repute
  • Course written by Debbie Hepplewhite, Phonics International, UK
  • Is a self-paced course
  • Has 14 modules - a total of 43 lessons.
  • Each lesson has a simple test / quiz at the end. It has to be completed before one can proceed to the next lesson.
  • Lessons have to be taken sequentially. Only exceptions to this are the last two modules.
  • At any point during the course, the student may click for email support.
  • Original price: 197 pounds (around Rs 19,000). It was brought to India at a Special India price of Rs 3800 only for limited period, at Phonics eStore only. The price is now Rs 11,000 (with a special India discount of Rs 8000 at Phonics eStore).
  • Certificate from Phonics International, United Kingdom given on completion of the course.
  • Available in India from 2016 at Phonics eStore only.

Phonics Teacher Training Lessons


Module One - The Systematic Synthetic Phonics Teaching Principles 'SSP'

Module Five - Putting into practice the Simple View of Reading and 'two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching'


Module Six - The 'Phonics Routines' for modelling decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling-with-editing)


Module Seven - The complexities of the English alphabetic code based on the smallest sounds of speech


Module Nine - Phonological awareness, stages of development, phonics skills and resources for effective learning


Please follow the following steps to start the course.

Step 1 : Make the payment

Step 2 : After payment is made inform same

Step 3 : Phonics International link will be shared

Step 4 : Start the course by visiting the link shared