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Phonics eStore is glad to present "franchisee opportunity" with 'education entrepreneurs' from all cities across countries.

This is brought to you by Phonics eStore, a global initiative for education of young children. Its focus is on skill development - Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, Brain Development and Pre School Bee. To this end, the cocmpet of Beginner Point has been rolled out.

Phonics eStore is looking for franchisee, for various synergistic opportunities
, across countries.
You may whatsapp +91 9820354672 to establish contact. We will revert with speed.

Note, we have an independent Phonics eStore Associate program as well.

Skill India ... Phonics India

There are three types of franchisee oppotunity. One may opt for one or more of these.
# Opportunity 1 : Make Pre Schools Phonics eStore Associate
# Opportunity 2 : Teacher training & Mother Training
# Opportunity 3 : After school classes for children

Any individual or organisation from any country can send request for consideration.

Even playschools, schools and NGOs can send request for an appropriate association.

Who can be a "Phonics eStore Franchisee" ?

# An education entrepreneur

Even an organisation (including a play school) can request to be a Franchisee.

Concerned individual(s) or organisation must be committed to one or more of the franchisee opportunities.

Books are readily available for training of teachers /mothers and conducting after school classes for children.

What are the "Phonics eStore Franchisee" fees and charges ?

# "Start up - one time Franchisee fee"

It is informed to cocnerned after request with details is received. Request needs to be mailed to

# Annual Franchisee fee

It varies across towns and is informed to cocnerned after evaluation of profile, opportuntiy and roadmap. Only in the first year, 'annual fee' includes the cost of one teacher being trained / certified on all topics. If more than one teacher has to do the course then cost for same will be additional. The teacher(s) who will conduct the afterschool class for a topic must have the certificate for the concerned topic.

The fee is a one time / non-refundable amount to be paid upfront, online.
It is applicable for a year only.
It is likely to change for each subsequent year.

# Monthly fee

It is nil.

# Commission / Royalty

It is currently nil.

# Books / Workbooks

These have to be procured directly from Phonics eStore. Prices to be indicated to franchsiee from time to time. Shipping fee will be at actuals.

# Access charges for online classroom teaching resources

It is nil. It will be available for certain topics only, for each course. It will have additional cost and is currently optional.

# Certificate to teachers / mothers / children

These would be provided after assessment. Soft copy of certificate will be mailed to concerned.

# Listing (at our website) charges

It is nil.
You will also be listed as a 'Phonics eStore Franchisee' after you provide a 'shopfront picture' as would be advised by us, else not.

# Your webpage charges

The annual fee for this will be Rs 5000 - to be paid online and is non-refundable.
This is optional.
We will create 'your webpage' at our website. It will have details as per our norms.
It can have images and videos submitted by you.

# Vacation class - course/workbook/certificate design charges

This will be done at a fee of Rs 5000 - to be paid online.
This is optional for all.
We will help you design vacation classes. Books / Workbooks specific to your course will be designed and made available for purchase. Details with images can be put up at 'your webage'.

Wish to be a Franchisee : send your complete details

What you need to do next, to be a 'Phonics eStore Franchisee' ?

Write to us with 'your details', for consideration, and appropriate revert.

You may wish to know the following about Phonics eStore. Apart from the following you may search for 'Phonics eStore' on Google, facebook, youtube, twitter, amazon and flipkart.

Phonics eStore is the most complete place for Phonics the world. It has been set up to contribute towards 'Skill Development' and 'Job Creation'. It wishes to catalyse Phonics Learning for ALL through associations with education entrepreneurs across locations. You are welcome to be part of this 'Phonics for All' journey.

  • Founder of Phonics eStore is the global team member of Phonics by Phone. He has written 100+ workbooks for children including Phonics workbooks.
  • 1st to make available Jolly Phonics Online course of Jolly Learning, in India. This became possible through an "affiliation" with CPD College, Ireland, UK. This was done at a special India price of Rs 3500 instead of Rs 9000 (for a limited time period).
  • 1st to make available Audio Phonics course in India exclusive association with Educators International, UK.
  • 1st to make available Phonics Training Online, a UK certificate course in India. This became possible through an "exclusive affiliation" with Phonics International, UK.This was done at a special India price of Rs 3800 instead of Rs 19,000 (for a limited time period).
  • 1st to make available a FREE certificate Phonics Teacher Training course.
  • Has association with international Phonics resource developers, namely Essential Skills of USA, Darlene Dittus of USA and Debbie Hepplewhite of UK.
  • Has developed downloadable Phonics workbooks and worksheets free or at minimal price - for ALL across ALL countries.
  • Most of the resources are made available for kids / teachers /tutors /schools / parents, at Phonics eStore free.
  • Phonics Hall of Fame - is world's first such inotiative. You may have a look at
  • 'Mother-my-Teacher' program - is world's first guidance program for home teaching Phonics etc. You may have a look at


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Are you wanting to be an associate or franchisee or partner for phonics spelling handwriting alphabet gk classes for kids in india / worldwide

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