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Phonics eStore is glad to present study material for MARRS Primary Colours - Nuresry, Junior KG and Senior KG - preparatory books from Phonics eStore available at Do feel free to contact us ... whatsapp +91 9820354672

You need to scroll down to reach same. Resources for topics are mentioned category wise and level wise - Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG.

How to Prepare for MaRRS Pre School Bee - English, Maths & Science from Phonics eStore

You need to select class of interest and click on the colored button for it. You will then get to the available study material at amazon. Do check availability of same.

These preparatory study material are made available through "Spell India", an independent initiative of Phonics eStore. Spell India is India's No 1 preparatory study material provider for "multiple" spelling bee competitions in India. We strive to make winners out of participants.

You can purchase these study material of any level / subject at your pace and timing, 24x7.

No need to wait for anything... no need to give exam for a subject / level ... self study will itself benefit your child.

If what you need is not available from us at then you may send sample questions to get free worksheets(conditions apply). whatsapp 9820354672

For any queries or updates :

# join facebook group ... MARRS PRE SCHOOL BEE MOTHERS CORNER
# whatsapp +91 9820354672
# email

We will be glad to be of any help to you - even a day before the exam day. We strive to make winners out of participants.

MARRS Primary Colours - Nursery

Nursery - International Level

MARRS Primary Colours - Junior KG

Junior KG - International Level

MARRS Primary Colours - Senior KG

Senior KG - International Level

"Orientation Pool" ... Starting 9th July, 2017

When a parent is asked : "Why have you come here ... to collect study material?"

a response is justified.

We wish to answer for the parent, and make today's date 9th July, 2017 remembered.

Answer to the question is "Yes, please".

And to make such a 'Question-Answer' as well as the date memorable, we bring to you "Orientation Pool" wef 9th July, 2017.
It's a first of its kind initiative, with parents in mind.

Enough has been said / overheard about orientation, from experienced parents through the years. There must have been enough benefits for sure ...
for all concerned.

marrs preschool spelling bee orientation

Hereafter, you as a parent, can be part of the 'Orientation Pool', with two options.

Option 1 : Pay for Orientation .. Go and Get study material.

If you wish to share a copy of the same with others, let us know with details. Just email at All who contact us to get it from parents like you, will be informed about your contacts. Rest is between the 'two'. Our role is to enable such parents to get connected, and in no manner beyond that. "How you Share" is your sole / independent decision. You may choose to share with as many wanting parents as you wish at your terms.

Option 2 : Do not Pay for Orientation ... Do not Go but Get study material.

If you still wish to get study material from someone who wishes to share, let us know with details (along with proof of your child's selection to the concerned level). Just email at All who contact us to share it with parents like you, will be informed about your contacts. Rest is between the 'two'. Our role is to enable such parents to get connected and nothing beyond that. "How you Get-It" is your sole / independent decision.

We believe this will help parents in many ways :

# reduce cost burden of orientation, if it is so
# provide an opportunity to get for those parents who could not make it due to various reasons including city-location, schedule-inconvenience, past experience, etc

Note : This 'Orientation Pool' service is free. We only wish to get interested parents together and nothing else. We will not wish to or be involved / responsible in any manner, in all communication or understanding or financial transaction etc between the 'two'. We may regret this service to certain individuals, at our sole discretion.

Over to you ... your choice to be part of the "Orientation Pool" ... starting 9th July, 2017.

Orientation Support

We wish to help you with the answers. Ask Us.

This is curently a free service for all, across countries.

marrs preschool bee orientation

"Buy - Sell " ... Used / Old study material

All old / used books and notes can now be made available for purchase by others.

These can be study material published by the organisers of the Marrs competition or of Phonics eStore sold at amazon.

Click on image below to proceed ... to 'Buy - Sell' now.

marrs preschool bee national level

For any suggestion / query feel free to write to us or whatsapp 9820354672.

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# May, 2017

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Real life videos ... Just feel it ... and Start preparing your child Now!


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