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We are glad to present study material for Marrs Pre School Bee oral round topics.

'On the spot topic' is a common oral round topic for Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG and Grade 1.

What follows is a list of topics.
You are required to make the child practice speaking on the topic.

1. My best Friend

2. My Home

3. My Family

4. My School

5. My Parents

6. My Mother

7. My Father

8. My favorite Food

9. My favorite TV program

10. My favourite cartoon character

11. Animals I love

12. Butterfly

13. Dogs

14. Zoo

15. Mall I go to

16. Park I play at

17. Sea beach

18. Studying at home

19. Cricket

20. My school Principal

21. My grandparents

22. My birthday

23. A famous sportsperson

24. A famous person

25. A famous lady

Pati's broad guidelines follow. The child must -

# must say small sentences. Small pause after each sentence.

# must say loud enough (not loudly). Practice at a distance from the child. In the exam, examiner will be sitting besides the child.

# must keep on saying till the examiner asks to stop. May be say a sentence even after the examiner asks to stop.

# must be able to say around 10 sentences while practice.

# must say at least 5 sentences in the exam.

# must count sentences said in his /her fingers (with hands down). This way the 5 sentences-rule will be followed.

# must practice a topic multiple times.

# must practice with an outsider to get away the 'comfort factor' with parents. Examiner will be a stranger.

# must record oneself on your mobile and listen. This way child will realise how / what to improve.

# must listen to 10 sentences on each topic, said and recorded by you on your mobile. This listening can happen while child is eating or going to sleep or playing at homeor going in the car.

Hope these "actually tried and succeeded" Pati's guidelines is of some help to you.

For any suggestion / query feel free to write to us.

marrs pre school bee

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