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Welcome to Mothers Corner
- your Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary & Handwriting ... corner !

This is part of the worldwide "Mothers Learn - Teach" drive
- by Phonics eStore, the most complete place for Phonics.

We understand that all, across locations, need not have access to good & convenient, educational resources / private tutors / specific after school classes.

However, the need to give the best educational resources / support to one's child is a 'global emotion'.

Ideal situation for a mother is to find a good-convenient-affordable after school class nearby - where she can pay-and-send her child to learn a specific topic.
The common topics of interest for such early learning are :
handwriting, vocabulary, spelling and phonics.

These are global early learning topics.

So, here are some Phonics - Spelling - Vocabulary - Handwriting resources
for ALL mothers, of ALL countries.

Select the learning opportunity of your choice, and click to proceed ...
to learn-teach your child, at home.

Even if your child is going to a pay-and-send class for the topic, still check these out. It would surely reinforce your child's learning.

Note : Access to the resources are free for ALL mothers in ALL countries.

Just do a favor ... share this with at least 1 more mother you know
... thanks in anticipation.

Phonics Learn-Teach Guidance

Spelling Learn-Teach Guidance

Vocabulary Learn-Teach Guidance : Coming Soon

Handwriting Learn-Teach Guidance

Phonics eStore has identified few niche topics on which guidance is seeked by some mothers. They are mothers, whose child is participating in Spelling Bee competition / exam. Two niche guidance follow.

'Word Origin - Spelling Bee

'Pronunciation - Phonemic Awareness Spelling Bee

'Antonyms & Synonyms' Spelling Bee

'Mothers Learn - Teach' worldwide drive is fully supported by Pati's workbooks ...
100+ workbooks for children ...
largest collection of workbooks from 1 author
available for ALL mothers, of ALL countries :

Note : After you make the payment immediately download the workbook.
Workbooks will not be sent separatey. Please do not leave before downloading purchased workbook.

Support your child to 'capture-memories' for a lifetime.

Capture classmates-memories for your child

Capture life-age-memories for your child

Should you need any clarification / have any queries, feel free to write to us.







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