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If you cannot find a Phonics class for your child in your city or a class that suits you do not feel disheartened. Your child needs to learn Phonics and
s/he will.

Phonics eStore, the "most complete" place for Phonics, brings to you 'Mother-my-Teacher' world wide program ... for 1 million mothers. It has topic-wise resources such as video library, Click-to-Listen audio, Say-It tests, books / workbooks and flash cards. Access is free to 1 million mothers worldwide. Only one has to pay for the workbooks / books / flash cards - and the same is optional and not binding in any manner to access all the resources.

So, go ahead and Teach Your Child @ Home : Phonics now.

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Attention : All who conduct Phonics classes across cities.

We wish to list all Phonics classes across cities. Note these will be exclusive Phonics classes, and not other classes for kids.

We can be contacted with details of your Phonics classes not listed in any city. This listing is free for all who send details to us by 31st March, 2017.

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