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Welcome !

Become our CSR Education Franchisee or Associate

We provide printed workbooks for children at classes run by NGOs. These are provided as part of the CSR initiative of organisations. We have provided workbooks to Pratham Education Foundation.

NEEDED now :

# Franchisee : For each large state and also group of neighbouring small states / UTs
* Franchisee can have own associates.
* There will be one time annual fee and no commission in the conceerned year.
* The cost of procurement of workbooks will be fixed for the year.
* There will be exclusivity.

# Associate : For each large city we need associates. In states without a franchisee associates will operate independently. In states with a franchisee, the associate will get attached to the franchisee.
* There will be no annual fee. Only commission on each transaction will be paid.
* There will be no exclusivity.

Interested organisations and individuals may write to us. Final details to be firmed up with the CEO of Phonics eStore.

Best wishes to you in our CSR interventions !

Write to us or whatsapp at 9820354672.

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Note : Phonics eStore, at its sole discretion, may not accept request for 'associate' from an individual.


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